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We are here to help when you need it. Huntercombe DIRECT, our dedicated referrals service, is available 24/7.

To make a referral, please call us on 0330 660 5555 or send an email to

Whilst some of our services are the preferred providers for some organisations we are also happy to take referrals from others.


At The Huntercombe Group we provide three specialist areas of care: Adult Mental Health, Specialist Brain Injury and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. With hospitals and specialist centres across England and Scotland, we work in partnership with NHS and Local Authorities to provide person-centred quality health and social care services.

The Huntercombe Group is committed to rational, cost-effective prescribing that is in line with guidance provided to the NHS by NICE and the British National Formulary (BNF). All of our prescribers have access to the BNF via the NICE website.

The Huntercombe Group aims to continuously improve and innovate in the services we operate and we do this through various joint initiatives and partnerships with the NHS.

Call our Information Line today on: 0330 660 5555

Call our Information Line today on: 0330 660 5555

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