15 April 2020

Our young people at Huntercombe Stafford express their thanks to keyworkers

To show support and appreciation for our NHS and all our staff here at Huntercombe Stafford, our young people on Wedgwood enlisted the help of Chantelle Phillips, Occupational Therapy Assistant and decided to chalk a rainbow in our garden area.   Our young people enjoyed being out in the sun even whilst adhering to social distancing rules and showing their appreciation for all our keyworkers during this challenging time.   One of our young people explained why they particularly wanted to do this:

“In light of the Coronavirus lockdown, we decided as a ward to pay our thanks to the NHS and healthcare staff who keep our country running. Without those who work regardless of the risk, our hospital and many others would not be able to function. We are grateful for those who keep the services operating and those who maintain our care despite the current challenges. The rainbow symbolises the hope and opportunities to come, and once again we are so thankful to the healthcare workers/cleaning staff/kitchen staff/Nurses/Doctors and Therapist who form the backbone of our hospital”