12 April 2021

New coffee shop for Hothfield

The team at Hothfield Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Neurological Care Centre have created an on-site coffee shop for residents and staff. There is also a new activities’ space.

This all started with the kernel of an idea by Will Keates, Activities Organiser at Hothfield, about creating a mobile coffee shop. Will explains: ‘When I started working at Hothfield, we had a space in the central lobby where residents would stop and chat. I often positioned myself there in the mornings with a hot drink to encourage people to stop and join me. It soon became a ‘hub’ of activity and it occurred to me that a coffee machine, serving real barista style coffees, could become a great addition. After some research on the right type of machine and much coffee tasting we purchased the equipment and started up our own mobile coffee shop.’

The mobile coffee shop initiative proved very popular with residents at Hothfield, who were actively socialising with one another as they enjoyed their cappuccinos, complete with frothy foam. Staff were also welcome in the mobile coffee shop and would often stop by for their morning coffees, all socially distanced of course!

Will explains ‘Due to the success of the mobile coffee shop, we started to think about how we could build on this great idea, which was providing so many benefits. We were given the opportunity to renovate a room on site, which was to be our new Activities Room, so we started the renovation process back in December 2020. We wanted to give our coffee shop a more permanent home, where people could continue to socialise and relax, but also get involved in any activities while they were there.

We worked long and hard and we are delighted to say that our coffee shop and activities room is now fully up and running.  Our new café not only offers a range of coffees, but also snacks that the residents have expressed an interest in, and we now have many residents coming in for their regular coffees to play games and listen to music.

Dr Liz Barlow, Clinical Psychologist and Registered Manager at Hothfield, says: ‘It has been great to see the coffee shop develop and become a positive space. It can be hard to find social spaces within a busy care setting, so it has provided a much-needed area where residents can socialise and relax. The residents in our long-term residential unit have begun to make the most of their regular coffee fix – particularly at a time when our community activity is limited – and it has started to be used by our patients in the Neuro rehab unit for a much-needed break from the hardships of a busy rehab schedule. It is always a pleasure to walk past and hear and see the buzz in there!’