About Us

specialists in care. believers in people.

The Huntercombe Group is an expert in specialist mental health, neuro-rehabilitation and complex care across the UK.

With over 30 years’ practical experience and knowledge as an independent provider, dealing with some of the most complex cases nationally, we understand mental health and complex care in a way few others do.

We are a trusted partner to the NHS, commissioning services and local authorities. We specialise in caring for adults, young people and children with the most complex needs, by providing high-quality, collaborative, and personalised care that positively improves lives and delivers better outcomes.

'Surrounded and nurtured by specialist multi-disciplinary teams, each person is supported to take steps forward, to improve, to recover and to grow – so that they can live their life in the way that is best for them'

Senior Manager


With a unique portfolio of specialist services, we combine clinical and therapeutic expertise with personal and emotional support, to match each individual’s specific needs, from acute treatment to rehabilitation to life-long care, across a range of different environments.

We understand that arriving in to one of our services can be a time of great anxiety and change for patients or residents and their families and loved ones, and we will do whatever we can to provide reassurance and support during this time and deliver the best care experience possible.

As an organisation we are focused on delivering high quality services day in, day out and always striving for better.

What we do

With a collaborative and holistic approach to care, underpinned by proven clinical and therapeutic expertise, we support people with mental illness, learning disabilities, and neurological conditions to make positive progress and lead happier, more independent lives.

Through focused personalised treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing support, we aim to help every person feel protected and safe, to get better and regain their independence, to believe in themselves and to achieve more – in a way that is right for them.

We know that despite our best efforts, not everyone we care for will recover or can be rehabilitated. But we’re always committed, from the moment someone comes through our doors, to believing in their ability and giving our all to help them to reach what is possible for them.

In doing so we support each person in our care to live the best life they can. This is at the heart of everything we do.

Just Culture

Just Culture is an approach being used by NHS Improvement (NHSI) and one which we have adopted at Huntercombe. This approach recognises that as humans, we’re all capable of making mistakes at work. Just Culture encourages a culture whereby staff feel empowered and confident about speaking up about mistakes. We want our people to feel supported in identifying mistakes so we can learn and ensure the same mistake is never repeated. Better still is if we can create a culture where staff speak out before a mistake even happens.


We are all different, together.

Everyone at The Huntercombe Group is committed to continuing to make diversity, equality, and inclusion part of everything we do. This is a place where every great idea can be heard, and everybody belongs.

The Huntercombe Group has had an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy with an extensive action plan since our inception, which evolves with our workforce as we continue to grow and provide more care nationally.

Working together for better care

As an organisation our we work closely with our partners to improve and develop our services to meet health care needs both locally and nationally. Our size means we can be agile and respond quickly to the changing needs of the people we support.

In striving to always improve, we are focused on working with others to achieve a greater depth and breadth of clinical and professional expertise, and to deliver enhanced and better pathways for care so that we can make the care experience more straightforward, reassuring and positive for the people we care for, their loved ones and families.