Vision, Beliefs and Behaviours

Expert care with kindness

At Huntercombe, our vision is of a world where people with complex mental health or neurological conditions are surrounded by the expert care they need, and the kindness they deserve, to live a brighter future.

'With a collective dedication and passion for care, we deliver high-quality support for every person who needs us, wherever they are in their journey.'

Senior Manager

What we believe in

Our core beliefs shape everything we do, guiding the approach we take to caring for our patients, residents and children every day.

  • We believe that everyone, no matter how hard their mental or physical challenges, can be supported and empowered to make progress and lead a happier, healthier, more independent life – however this looks for them.
  • We believe everything starts with high quality care. Better quality care means better experiences, better outcomes and a better quality of life. We strive for better every day.
  • We believe that caring for the most vulnerable is about much more than just meeting their clinical and functional needs – it needs to be personal too.
  • We believe in being ambitious for our patients, our residents, our children and our colleagues. We believe in each one of them and their potential.
  • We believe that empathy, kindness and inclusion play an essential role in positive recovery and progress. We’re all human after all.
  • We believe that we’re stronger together. Quality care is a team effort, and great teamwork is at the heart of great care.
  • We believe that we’re more than a provider, we’re a partner – active and responsive – working closely with families and loved ones, commissioners and local authorities to deliver the best care to those that need us the most.

The way we work

Our three shared behaviours run throughout our organisation and are a core part of the way we work together and deliver our services.

  • We will be kind and honest
  • We will be fair and inclusive
  • We will listen, act and learn

We’re positively caring

This is where everything begins – for our patients and for our colleagues.

We respect, care for and trust in each other – making sure everyone feels valued.

We prioritise our colleagues’ wellbeing, which in turn impacts on patient wellbeing.

We take time to celebrate the incredible jobs that we’re doing.

We have a positive outlook – underpinned by a strong team spirit and a good sense of humour when it matters.

And we act with empathy and kindness at all times.

By feeling supported our staff are able to focus on delivering high quality work.


We believe in better

Driven by the desire to deliver the best care we can, we look for ways that we can do better in our work every day.

We don’t accept the status quo. We speak up when we think something could be improved.

We’re open-minded, creative and adaptable. Ready for the next challenge.

We may not get everything right, but we believe in continuous improvement so we’re better next time.

We don’t just dream big ideas, we act on them.

We’re active learners

We’re good listeners and active learners.

We’re honest when we get something wrong. And we set about resolving it straight away.

We’re grow our knowledge and expertise, both theoretical and practical, through training and personal development.


We lead by example

We show dedication and commitment every day when we turn up for work – for many of us this our vocation.

We act with professionalism and integrity, representing our patients and the organisation in the best way we can.

When things get tough we keep our heads and our spirits up, and we work together to find solutions.

We’re proud to raise the bar for good care. And we strive to set best practice.

We harness the power of the team

We only deliver high quality care by working together.

Great teamwork is at the heart of great care.

We promote diversity, creating an inclusive environment that celebrates our individualities.

We respect the knowledge, experience and skills that others bring to the table, recognising our individual strengths and sharing in our collective successes.

We work together in active partnership not just together but with patients, their loved ones and families, commissioners and local authorities, to deliver the best outcomes we can for everyone we care for.


'By focusing on progress and continually improving everything we do, we strengthen the care we provide today and shape the future of care tomorrow.'

Senior Leader