Banking time at Eldertree Lodge

Banking time at Eldertree Lodge

Posted / 08 December 2018

Eldertree Lodge has a patient forum called Noise, voice, choice.  

Patients used this forum to request that a wider range of activities be available on-site.  Members of staff were quick to volunteer their talents and time and now, each month members of staff volunteer an hour of their spare time to offer a new activity to residents.  This initiative is called Time Bank.

Time Bank currently offers more than ten different groups ranging from photography to gardening. Patients don’t have to have any skills or experience to join any group and all residents are encouraged to sign up.

One of the most popular groups is the drama group. On Saturday 10 December 2016, the drama group staged the hospital’s first ever pantomime, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

All the actors are residents and they all auditioned for their parts. Residents and staff created all props and sets. The panto was  performed to an audience of family, friends, carers and commissioners.

With the Time Bank growing in popularity and more and more staff volunteering their time and talents, expect new groups and activities over the coming months.