Building connections with the Co-operative Group

Posted / 16 March 2020

This year, Eldertree Lodge has combined forces with their local Co-op group in conjunction with their charity of the year; which is “MIND”.   The team at Eldertree hope that this opportunity will not only strengthen links with local businesses but will also help to break down stereotypes of mental health and start to create some stepping stones  that will help patients reintegrate back into the community.

At the beginning of this month some of our staff and patients volunteered at the co-op to promote the sales of Fairtrade products. We were able to learn the value of looking at what you are buying and it was a great way for our patients to build up their confidence when communicating with others. We had such fantastic feedback from the co-op staff and its customers. Our patients were able to gain valuable work experience and develop their life skills, let alone engaging in positive and meaningful conversations with the co-op customers!

A massive thank you to the Co-op Group, for reaching out and creating an ongoing relationship with Eldertree Lodge and The Huntercombe Group. Watch out for many more collaborations over the up and coming months.