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The support I have received in the past 5+ years working for the Huntercombe Group has truly been phenomenal

I cannot thank Cedar House enough for the continuous support, encouragement and overall positive impact that they have had on my life, through the tough times and the great times. I will be forever grateful for the endless opportunities that I have been able to involve myself in, from our hospital director allowing me to fundraise and hire an entire farm of animals for our patients at Christmas time, to going to university to do my mental health nursing degree, the possibilities are endless and the support I have received in the past 5+ years of working for the Huntercombe group has truly been phenomenal. I am forever encouraging my friends and family to come and work for the Huntercombe group, because I know they will be happy and well supported here, and so far, those who have joined us agree that it really is a great place to work and progress. This is not a job, it is a way of life, and if you genuinely care about people and love to see the difference that we can make in those vulnerable person’s lives, then there is no doubt that you will love being a part of our team.

We all want what’s best for our residents – we don’t look upon Redbourne as our place of work but as their home

I had worked in a pharmacy for 19 years but decided I wanted a complete change so I joined Redbourne as a Support Worker.  After a year I decided to apply for the administrator role for which I received training.  All my colleagues were really pleased for me and were very patient and understanding while I learnt my new role.  My day-to-day jobs range from residents’ monies, petty cash and invoicing to staff wages, HR and recruitment.  There are always opportunities to learn and develop new skills at Huntercombe.   I took on the role of Comms Champion for Redbourne, which involves sharing some of the fun activities we get up to at Redbourne to share widely across the Group and in our own newsletter which we share with residents and their families.  I get to spend time with the residents, take photos and see them having a lovely time.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend training events in London and Newcastle which was to give me an insight into new exciting changes within the company and meet with some of the people I only ever email!  My manager is incredibly supportive and is always encouraging me out of my comfort zone.  I am about to start studying NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration which is offered through the Huntercombe training academy.

We are a relatively small centre with just 27 members of staff. I think this makes us quite a close knit group and supportive of each other.  We all want what’s best for our residents – we don’t look upon Redbourne as our place of work but as their home.  Yes, some days can be difficult because all our residents have complex needs and challenging behaviour but there is always someone who can take over to give you a break or talk to should you need to.

I love working at Redbourne. The staff team are always on hand to offer help and support and no matter what your job role is everyone pulls together and most days there is always something to smile about.

I never had any experience in care before

I have worked with the Huntercombe group for nearly 2 and half years now.  Starting this role was a brand new challenge for me as I never had any experience in care before. I found the two week induction very helpful which has provided me with the knowledge required to work with my resident.

My job role as support worker can be very rewarding although at times it can be challenging. I feel my input and support makes an important difference to my resident.  I have been fortunate enough to build up a great working relationship with my resident over the time I have been in this role. I enjoy being part of a great team where they would give me advice or guidance if I was unsure of anything or if I come across any new experiences, this will help further my career to which I hope to progress in the future.

It’s a really amazing feeling when you see a resident achieve their goals and you know you’ve played a part in it  

I have worked at Redbourne for 15 years now.   I initially joined as a Support Worker and thanks to the training and support I received from the team here, 18 months later I started my current role as a Senior Nursing Assistant.  I love this role as it allows me to continually develop and use my skills.

Working at Redbourne can be so rewarding – it’s a really amazing feeling when you see a resident achieve their goals and you know you’ve played a part in it.  I had one resident who when she joined us at Redbourne was unable to leave the centre on her own or do pretty much anything for herself.  It took a lot of baby steps, patience and some setbacks on the way but now I’m happy to say this particular resident is living independently and even has a job helping out in a charity shop.

It really is a very varied role – some days you may be out visiting residents’ family or just shopping, other days you may be baking or organising fancy dress parties.  We often go out on fun day trips such as to the zoo or the seaside and we even go on holidays to Butlins or Spain. No two days are ever the same …and never boring!!

I like that we are a small friendly staff team and I feel I have always been supported both professionally and personally”

It gives me great satisfaction to think what I can offer to our residents to make their days a little better

I have worked at Moorpark for over 15 years.  There has been many challenges but I am pleased to say I love my job and it gives me great satisfaction to think what I can offer to our residents to make their days a little better.  The training that is offered at Moorpark is amazing and you have opportunities to take up extra training within the company if required. You receive support from the management team, your own staff team and the Multi-Disciplinary Team to help you give the best care for each resident you work with.

It gives me great pleasure to come to work knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life.