Why Huntercombe?

As a specialist provider of inpatient and residential services, we believe it takes very special people to look after those in our care.

The people who work in our services do something extraordinary every day. They are part of a team that make a difference to the lives of children and adults with complex needs such as mental health conditions, learning difficulties or brain injuries.

Whilst recovery and rehabilitation are the ultimate aim for the majority of our patients, for some this simply may not be possible.  What makes Huntercombe a special place to work is that we create an environment that ensures that the individuals working in our services are able to support and enable every single person in our care to achieve what is possible for them.

In turn, we ensure that the people delivering our services feel part of our Huntercombe family and are given the same support and encouragement we expect them to offer our patients; day in, day out.   There’s a real sense of “being in it together” with everybody, not just our clinical teams, working together to enable our patients and residents to be the best they can.

We have sites across Scotland and England and once you’re part of our Huntercombe family we will help you find a new role or opportunity at one of our services should you need to relocate or wish to progress.   Furthermore, we’ll also help you to work out the best work/home balance for your situation and are always happy to explore more flexible working opportunities with you.

In addition to all of the benefits and training and development opportunities that you would expect, we’re constantly seeking ways to ensure that every single individual in our teams is happy, fulfilled and equipped to help us to innovate and continue to provide the best care possible; achieving and believing together.

Conversation into Action

At Huntercombe we recognise that as well as listening to our patients and residents, it is also important to listen to our staff.  We genuinely value suggestions from our people as to where and how we can improve our services.   Our Conversation into Action programme provides staff with the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions as to what we can do better for our patients and residents.  It is about sharing stories across the group,  prompting new ideas and celebrating successes.

When we initially launched the programme in February 2015 we invited staff from all levels and roles at all our sites to “join the Conversation” and talk openly about what matters to them and what changes would be beneficial to patients, residents, families and staff.    Our Conversation into Action programmes has now evolved to include several initiatives but we continue to ask our staff either through formal staff surveys or more commonly through one-to-one or group conversations what they think and we encourage everyone to get involved.

Just Culture

Just Culture is an approach being used by NHS Improvement (NHSI) and one which we have adopted at Huntercombe.  This approach recognises that as we’re humans we’re all capable of making mistakes at work.  Just Culture encourages a culture whereby staff feel empowered and confident about speaking up about mistakes.  We want our people to feel supported in identifying mistakes so we can learn and ensure the same mistake is never repeated.  Better still is if we can create a culture where staff speak out before a mistake even happens.