Why Join Us

We believe that every person we support should be surrounded by the expert care they need, and the kindness they deserve to live a brighter future.

As a specialist provider of inpatient and residential services, it takes a very special team to deliver that quality of care day in, day out.

Our colleagues do something extraordinary every day. They make a real and lasting difference to the lives of adults, young people and children with complex needs. And they do this with positivity, empathy, dedication and passion.

The work we do isn’t simple and not every day will be easy. But we start and end each day as a team. There’s a real sense of team spirit and being in it together.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you.


'Quality care is a team effort, and great teamwork is at the heart of great care.'

Our approach to care

We believe that every person, no matter how hard their mental or physical challenges, can be supported and empowered to improve and where possible recover; to lead a happier, healthier and more independent life – whatever this means for them.

We see every person as an individual and so every person is treated individually. Surrounded and nurtured by specialist multi-disciplinary teams, with a collaborative and holistic approach to care, everything we do is designed to provide the highest quality of support to our patients, residents and children.

Whilst recovery and rehabilitation are the ultimate aim for the majority of our patients, for some this simply may not be possible. What makes Huntercombe a special place to work is that we create an environment that ensures that the individuals working in our services are able to support and enable every single person in our care to achieve what is possible for them.

“It’s a really amazing feeling when you see a resident achieve their goals and you know you’ve played a part in it”

A day in the life...

by Kristina, Speech Therapist at Blackheath

“The support I have received in the past 5+ years working for the Huntercombe Group has truly been phenomenal”


Supporting you to be your best

We want all our colleagues across our services to feel part of the Huntercombe family, so we ensure that they are given the same support and encouragement we expect them to offer our patients and residents. With a comprehensive wellbeing and training and development programme we will support you every step of the way to be best you can be.

With sites across England and Scotland, there are lots of opportunities available to you, and should you want to progress into a different role or relocate we will help you to find a new role within the Group. We’ll also help you to work out the best work/home balance for your situation and are always happy to explore more flexible working opportunities with you.

In addition to all of the benefits and training and development opportunities that you would expect, we’re always striving for new and better ways to ensure that every single person working with us is happy and fulfilled at work and equipped with the right skills and confidence to deliver the best care and support possible.

We inspire a positive culture of openness and learning so that we improve together.