At Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of care and our personable approach. See what people say about their experience with us.

It was always a pleasure to see the good work going on

I have enjoyed very much working with everybody.  I shall miss you all! It was always a pleasure to see the good work going on there, and the very nice hospital to be in.  The patients there are very lucky to be there.  Thank you again for the offer of more training.

Thank you to everyone involved in his care

Dear BIRU, Nearly 4 years ago (Feb 2017) my father suffered a brain injury and was fortunate enough to spend 6 months in your care from June -Dec 2017.  On Christmas morning, sadly he passed away following a very brief diagnosis of cancer. I just wanted to say a big thank you, particularly to Alex Wood, his Physiotherapist and Che Ming, his Speech Therapist for providing him with the quality of life he had for his final 3 years. Che Ming will be pleased to know that he continued with his speech exercises every single day and Alex should be proud that he never stopped exercising and striving/ believing he would walk again. I remember that he was happy to leave you and come home in Dec 2017 but sad to have missed the Christmas performance with Che Ming. I know that without the support from BIRU he would not have been the father/ partner/ grandfather we have been fortunate to enjoy the company of for these past 3 years so thank you to everyone involved in his care.

I have learned huge amounts

I wanted to say thank you and reflect on my time at BIRU.  I have learned huge amounts.  I have been able to spend time with a variety of nurses and the MDT and their professionalism, care and support has been second to none. I would especially like to thank Natasha, my mentor, and Simon, my adopted mentor.  Natasha has been a fantastic mentor, her knowledge, skills and passion for patients is clear. She has set learning opportunities for me and has always made sure there is someone to shadow.  She has also been very generous with her time, once staying two hours after a night shift to complete my review. She has given me lots of resources that are relevant to my work.  I am really very grateful to her for all the support.  Simon is clearly a natural leader, someone who instills confidence in patients and the MDT with his very effective communication skills. He has taken me under his wing and taught me a great deal.  His confidence in me has allowed me to grow and develop as a student nurse.  Thank you!

These people were really special

I had work, cars and money and then all of a sudden, BANG!  I got ill and it was a shock – when my life left me it was a shock.  I thought I had a good life, it was nice but it was just my life.   I was lucky, I could have gone the other way.  And for the staff at BIRU it was not just a job – they really cared and it was amazing.  These people were really special.  When I got ill and went to Southmead, they were like ‘you’ll be fine’ and I was here at BIRU.  I do know what matters now – thank you for that.

What you did was wonderful

To all the BIRU staff, I just wanted to say thank you! What you did was wonderful, it really meant so much because it came with kindness and your warm and thoughtful touch.  There’s no other way to say it but send this grateful message – with lots of thanks to you – it’s really appreciated, thanks so much.

Thanks to BIRU for their unstinting efforts to enable our daughter to be the best she can

We write to convey our thanks to BIRU for their unstinting efforts to enable our daughter to be the best she can and to ensure her comfort, whilst in their care, is maximised.

From the senior staff, down through to ward managers, therapists and ward staff, she has been looked after like a family member.  We have great respect for Head of Therapies, Gerry who is very insightful and gets things done. Dr Crossman, who is always available to answer questions and ward managers, Jess and Sheryll (but not excluding the other ward managers who have always helped), who always try to answer questions and put measures in place to both ensure our daughter’s comfort and she is enabled to do as much as she can/wants to.

The many therapists are working very clearly, with our daughter’s best interests at heart and they know who they are… She still has some way to go with her rehabilitation and we hope that as much as possible of it can be provided by BIRU.

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Thank you to each and every one of you for your care and support

Thank you so much and thank you to each and every one of you for your care and support to my dad.  Please can you pass on a special thanks to dad’s keyworker for supporting him. She is fabulous. Also your reception team are great, special thanks again to one lady in particular, she actually helped me so much with my anxiety when I called in and made me feel so much better by the end of the call.  I’m sure you already know but she’s a great credit to the team…She always, always listened to me and advised me well…I just wish I could see you in person to thank you all.

You all really have been amazing to all the families

To all the nursing staff at BIRU, Thank you for all your help, care and support during these unprecedented times.  You all really have been amazing to all the families also including myself and everything you have done and continue to do for my dad.

The care I have received has been nothing short of incredible

To the wonderful people of BIRU,  Thank you for all your effort and support over the last nine months.  The care I have received has been nothing short of incredible.  It is with mixed emotions that I now have to move on to the next stage of my recovery. I will be back soon for a visit!

You are very special people

To all the staff at BIRU- thank you so much for your work, care and dedication in helping our son on his road to recovery.  You are very special people, providing a vital service at times of great need and we cannot thank you enough.  A massive thank you again.

You have shared our joy, pride and worries

I wanted to thank you all for your support and dedication.  You have shared our joy, pride and worries.  You have become an extension of our family at this time.  Thank you for all your hard work.

I felt supported and respected at all times by the whole team

My supervisor, Katie Fahey, Speech and Language Therapist, was supportive, nurturing, calm and natural.  This made me feel at ease in a new and potentially intimidating environment.  I didn’t feel I was missing out as she was not a music therapist – her expertise in human-centred approaches shined through and she was always able to offer me constructive advice and encouraged me to reflect in helpful and necessary ways.  By having an information pack and timetables, I felt at ease.  I felt supported and respected at all times by the whole team at BIRU.  This enabled me to reach out and contact other professionals working with my patients which I hope allowed me to gain a rounder view of their needs and goals.  I would have liked to spend longer on placement at BIRU!  I want to thank everybody who helped me during my time at BIRU!

We found your staff truly inspirational

Please can we express our thanks to yourself and your team at BIRU for the care you gave one of our patients during her time as an inpatient.  We were able to see how much they cared for her even with the increased level of care she requires.  We found your staff truly inspirational as they went above and beyond in ensuring her safe transfer from and back to BIRU whilst providing enhanced numbers to care for her when admitted as an emergency.  I believe some of your staff worked additional hours that weekend to ensure her safety and appropriate care,  Kind regards.

The kindness and dedication of staff has really humbled us

Firstly I would like to be very clear that we are both incredibly grateful for the care provision and undeniable dedication of all the team in supporting our daughter and us as a family.  We are fully aware of how complex a journey it has been and how hard it has been for all staff involved in her care and what sacrifices have been made to accommodate her and her very complex needs.  As you are aware the kindness and dedication of staff has really humbled us and we will always be advocates for the fantastic care on offer at BIRU.  We are clear that she is unlikely to have progressed so far without the input of such experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Thank you for everything – you have all been amazing