At Huntercombe Hospital Stafford, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of care and our personable approach. See what people say about their experience with us.

The staff have been very supportive

Overall our daughter’s stay has been extremely helpful. The staff have been very supportive and have done an amazing job at keeping our daughter safe. At times we feel they actually saved her life.

Your team have helped her the most

I’m so excited for her and the family. Please thank your team for everything that you have done. I heard her say that she feels Stafford and your team have helped her the most.

Thank you to all the staff

Thank you to all the staff that organised the cinema trip, including Janice, Khumbu and Dawn…Thank you to Paddy and Melissa for being kind and understanding and listening to me and giving advice.  Thank you to Ben and Melissa for taking me to badminton – it was so so fun and I really enjoyed it.

You’ve brought my family back together

Dear Phoebe, Oh my goodness! Where do I start?  You have been like a second mother to me, one of my best friends and like an angel during my time here.  You have shown me pure kindness and have cared for me like you own.  All the little things you...

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I have never felt this free before!

Dear Hannah, MDT and staff, if anything lasts forever it will be my appreciation and love for you all!  If I have learnt anything significant in my life, it was here.  I spent so long letting my head bully my body! I never imagined anyone could help me get better...

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A huge thank you

Dear staff on Wedgwood,  everything you have done in helping our daughter is so much appreciated. A huge thank you.

Unbelievable team effort

Our 13 year old son was admitted under Section 2 and remained at Huntercombe for nearly six months.  Unbelievable team effort. Very friendly staff who care.  Lots of activities provided.  Thorough assessment processes. So much support given to our family.  Thank you all so much.

To a lovely bunch of teachers

Thank you to Claire for sorting out my work and informing my new teachers about me. Also for being so polite and lovely to me too.  Thank you to Alison (Art Teacher) for making me more patient with art and creating some pretty cool work like the sign on my bedroom door.  Thank you to Alison (English Teacher) for getting me back on track with English and thinking straighter too.  Thank you to Ruth for laughing at my terrible jokes and trying to get me focused.  Thank you to Charlotte for being so nice to me whilst I was doing my business enterprise and talking to me about it.  Thank you to Rob for teaching me science which I really enjoyed, especially biology and creating power points.  And finally, thank you Jane for always telling me what is right and wrong and being so understanding.

Now I like eating food and it’s great trying new foods

To the dietitians who keep us healthy, thank you so much as you’ve not just helped me but everyone else here and it’s amazing what you both have done which makes a big difference.  I am leaving so I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Lola for adjusting my meal plan so it suits me better and helping me when I felt unwell by creating a plan which I enjoyed more and now I like eating food and it’s great trying new foods. And thank you Joyce for collecting everyone’s meal plans and being so kind.  I will miss you both.

Thank you for being there

Dear Thorneycroft staff, thank you for being there, from making me coffee to listening to me and keeping me safe.  I’ve grown so much as a person, although I’m not recovered, I’m a few steps closer than I was a few months ago…You’re a great, caring, helpful group of people who really do make a difference in our lives.  It’s been a rough time but there are still memories and changes that have made it worth the hurt.

You have in my opinion saved our daughter’s life

Our daughter has been looked after extremely well on Thorneycroft ward.  You have in my opinion saved our daughter’s life. She is now ready to complete her recovery at home.  Thank you so very much.

Very supportive and good communication throughout stay

All staff have been wonderful, very friendly and caring.  Very supportive and good communication throughout stay

You have brought our special girl back to us

To Dr Chaudhry and his brilliant team of doctors, nurses, OT, teachers and dietitian, I do not know where we would be if you hadn’t helped our daughter.  You have brought our special girl back to us. Words cannot express our gratitude to you all and a special thank you to the dinner lady (sorry don’t know her name) but she always made our daughter smile.  Keep up your great work, you have many children to help. All the best.

Thank you for helping me with my studies

To the teachers at Wedgwood school,  Thank you so much for helping me with my studies and especially for organising my maths exam this year.  I have enjoyed coming into the classroom and studying Maths and English.  I really appreciate everything you’ve done and helped me with.

I recommend this hospital highly

The service was excellent.  Staff were very friendly and always attentive when we arrived to visit our son.  Rooms for visiting were always provided and also complimentary tea/coffee. I recommend this hospital highly.