At Moorpark Place, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of care and our personable approach. See what people say about their experience with us.

We really appreciate the team

It was fantastic to be able to see my son again at the advice of Public Health.  Please pass on our thanks to the management team for their efforts during this time.  We really appreciate the team at Moorpark for supporting our son during difficult times.

Thank you so much for all you are doing

To everyone at Moorpark, Thank you so much for all you are doing to keep everyone safe.  It is much appreciated.  I know it can’t be easy.  Hope everyone stays safe and well.  Thanks again!

The best thing about here is having my own house and staff team and getting to do lots of group activities with my friends

Thank you to Moorpark for giving me the opportunity to work in an amazing environment

You have provided me with brilliant training which has enabled me to carry out my role as a support worker with confidence.  My colleagues have been very supportive to me on a professional and personal level.  Although at times my job can be challenging when I see the resident I support smile and laugh it makes me thankful and grateful that I am part of the team.

The bits I like most about living at Moorpark is going swimming and having my own home

Really impressed with the care provided and that the carers have a very good relationship with my relative

Example of best practice

At a recent meeting with the manager of the Parent Inclusion Network ( a group that supports parents/ families of young people with disabilities), Moorpark Place was mentioned as an example of best practice.

Staff team were inspiring

My son’s staff team were inspiring and they always seem to be looking at new ways of improving his quality of life. The staff always seem to think about our son when they are outside of work too e.g. if they see things in a shop they think he would like.

Moorpark – It’s lovely jubbly living here

It’s lovely jubbly living here, I like having my own house.

The best job I’ve ever had

I can honestly say this is the best job I’ve ever had.  Always at the forefront of our mind is that each person is unique and having autism is not what defines them.

Moorpark is a fine place

Moorpark is a fine place, I like to cook my Christmas dinner and open presents in my house. I like watching DVDs or movies at the Hub.

They provide my son with a full happy life, taking things at his pace

It’s been 18 months since my son moved to Moorpark and during that time the team in his house have provided excellent care of my boy.  They have sat alongside my boy in the early days often being on the receiving end of challenging behaviour, they never judged but instead accepted and supported.  Today they listen to my son’s requests and truly know him. They provide my son with a full happy life, taking things at his pace. In Moorpark we have found the perfect place for him.  After years of searching we have found some very special people and at last we are all able to live again happy in the knowledge that he is safe, well cared for and thriving.