Are you looking for respite care this Summer?

In addition to 24 hour specialist nursing care and a change of scene, our respite clients have the opportunity to meet others, share new experiences and enjoy any of our therapeutic or social activities.  We can also use this time to reassess an individual’s care needs and offer...

Halloween at Nottingham BIRU

We then had a visit from White Post Farm, a local petting zoo who brought in a mouse, lizard, snake and tarantula!  They also brought some cute bunnies with them to balance it all out with a bit of fluffiness!

Firework party at Nottingham BIRU

Romeo and Juliet

We performed it in the Fernwood Unit garden.  The actors were a mixture of therapy and care staff and a junior physiotherapist accompanied the play with keyboard and singing.  The props had been made by residents in activities groups leading up to the date of the play.  It...