New arts and craft project at Eldertree Lodge

Posted / 26 October 2020

We love this arts and crafts project recently undertaken by our team and patients at Eldertree Lodge!  The aim of the project was to explore our unique qualities and traits that make us all individuals.  All staff and patients, who wished to take part, were asked to design their own sea creature.  We were overwhelmed with the turnout, no two creatures were the same and more kept appearing each day!  We’ve now made this into a visual representation for display in the hospital and have used the following slogan to show that whilst we might all look different, sound different and act differently, we are all a team:

‘We may all be fish of a different kind, but here at Eldertree, we all swim together.’

This slogan also shows that by interacting with each other, we can find a balance of life with one another and can be accepting of each unique individual and, in doing so, can create a living, breathing, harmonious society.