Patient's daughter raises money for Stocksbridge.

Fundraising at Stocksbridge

Posted / 12 January 2017

The daughter of a patient at Stocksbridge has been raising money for the unit by planning a skydive! “I am planning on raising money for Stockbridge because at the age of 47 my father Simon had two serious cardiac arrests in Feb 2015 which left him brain damaged. He was a normal guy, loving husband, brilliant father & a good worker, Since Dad had the cardiac arrest in Pilgrim Hospital he has had two tracheotomy’s fitted and been put in an induced coma twice, His body went through so much even including a tooth getting stuck in his lung!

The family have fought so hard to get him moved to the right rehabilitation centre to give him the chance to be able to try and get some quality of life back and hopefully at some stage be able to return home to his family.

After leaving the hospital, Dad was sent to a rehabilitation centre that let us down and neglected Dad which meant it was important rehab time that was missed, We kept fighting for him to be moved and we won!!! In January 2016 dad was moved to Stockbridge which has been amazing for him. The staff are fantastic they treat us like family. They love and care for Dad so much and he is now smiling and telling me he is happy. Dad has come on extremely well since being at Sheffield and is continuously making progress.

As a thank you to all the staff for looking after so many patients including my father, I have planned a sky dive on 16th October the reason being one I am scared of heights and its pushing me to do something I would of never dreamt of doing before and doing it for a cause close to my heart has pushed me to do it.

The money that is raised will be going towards specialised chairs for patients that have gone through traumatic brain injuries they can be altered for each person and is so important in their rehab program. The chairs are between £2,000 – £4,000

Let’s give a patient like Dad a chance to walk again!”