18 July 2019

Huntercombe award winners at Cotswold Spa

Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa recently held their local Huntercombe Hero awards.  Young people staying at the hospital were given the opportunity to nominate staff for the following seven categories.  Winners of the awards were as follows:

Towards Excellence Award – This was jointly presented to Sarah Powell, Senior Support Worker and Debbie Woods, Chef. Unanimously our young people agreed that both staff “put love and care into the work they do, they continually work to improve standards and ensure that we are all happy”

Reliability Award – This was awarded to Lydia Amos- Plimmer, Nursing Team Leader for having a “really caring attitude, always ensures each and every one of us  get what we need, she always goes above and beyond, a really positive member of staff who delivers information in a straightforward easy to understand manner”

Accessibility Award – This was awarded to Keeley Burton, Nursing Team Leader. “Keeley is non-judgemental, always open to suggestions. She supports people as individuals and takes positive risks to aid recovery”     

Innovation Award – This was awarded to Suzanne Rogers, Support Worker.  “Always loves to learn new things and is always very creative. She is a great help to all of us”

We Understand Award – This was awarded to Dr Emma Clarkson, Clinical Psychologist. “She listens to how you are feeling and uses a range of support to help you through things” and “she respects that you can have a bad day and always makes sure her sessions end on a positive note”

People First Award – This was awarded to Phoebe Harding, Senior Support Worker. “She always puts patients first and always tries to make things fair and everyone is kept happy”

Community Hero – Keeley Burton