19 September 2019

Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa school wins “outstanding” Ofsted rating

Our school for young people with eating disorders in Broadway, Worcestershire wins ‘Outstanding’ rating amid praise for its ‘inspirational’ leadership.

Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa’s school helps to ensure young people undergoing treatment for eating disorders (often Anorexia or Bulimia) do not fall behind in their academic studies.

Ofsted’s inspection report, published today (19th September), highlights the school is ‘highly ambitious’ on behalf of its pupils and ensures high quality teaching is received by pupils who previously have found it difficult to engage with schoolwork while managing their condition.

The school was also recognised by staff and Ofsted for having ‘inspirational and highly supportive leadership’; as well as a strong culture of safeguarding.

Catherine Woodsmith, Head of Education, said: “I am thrilled with the result of the inspection and proud of the hard work and dedication of our teaching team. It is also a testament to our brilliant students as well the hospital’s supportive ethos which highly values education for young people.”

Pauline Wilson, Cotswold Spa’s manager said: “I’m so delighted the hard work of my colleagues and the young people we look after has been recognised by Ofsted. It is a pleasure to lead such a dedicated and committed team who support the young people to reach their full potential whilst undergoing treatment for eating disorders.”

Valerie Michie, Chief Executive Officer of The Huntercombe Group, said: “A huge congratulations to everyone at Cotswold Spa. This Ofsted rating is symbolic of all that has been achieved in recent years and demonstrates the efforts staff and teachers put into furthering pupils’ ambitions.”