02 December 2019

Lavender Green Flowers build therapeutic garden at Huntercombe Maidenhead

Lavender Green Flowers, London’s luxury florist has embarked on an incredible new project to build a therapeutic and educational garden for patients at our Huntercombe Hospital near Maidenhead.  After completion, the florists and extended team will help to maintain the garden on a seasonal basis and offer advice on its upkeep.

A service for young people between the ages of 12 and 18, Huntercombe Hospital Maidenhead provides support for young people with wide variety of mental health conditions , a cause Lavender Green Flowers cares deeply about. Evidence of the physical, social and physiological benefits that gardens provide patients battling with mental health issues has been proven by medical research over the years.

The garden will be abundant with raised flower beds and fruit trees, and Lavender Green Flowers will work closely with our on-site chef to maintain a large allotment growing fruit and vegetables. Part of the project also includes restoring the existing pond, due to the psychologically restorative effect water has.

As well as becoming a sanctuary to encourage healing, comfort and positive social exchange for patients and staff, the therapeutic garden will also be used for educational purposes, including art and horticultural classes. With Lavender Green Flower’s knowledge and expertise, the florists are creating this garden with the hope that it will bring positivity to all.

“Historically we have spent a considerable amount of money gifting our clients at Christmas, however this year we have chosen to apply that budget directly to helping society. We chose Huntercombe Hospital Maidenhead because working with the future generation is important to us, as is Mental Health. Understanding the immense benefit that a working and therapeutic garden could bring to all at the hospital was achieved by discussing all aspects of the garden design with the Chef, Head of Education and Head of Nursing on site. We concluded that the garden needed to be educational and therapeutic with a huge fun factor. Within two weeks we have built raised beds that are readying for planting with vegetables in the spring, enlisted the professional help of Land and Water to reconstruct a pond which is now filled with native plants aimed at attracting an array of wildlife, planted fruit trees which will be ready for harvest next summer and planted in excess of 250 bulbs that will allow children to pick flowers for their rooms in just a few months. The response from all staff, some passing parents and most importantly the patients has been incredibly heart-warming, and worth every minute and penny spent on the project. We can’t wait to get down there in the New Year to help with the planting of the vegetables and in the months thereafter with our offer of ongoing support for all at the hospital but in the meantime we wish one and all, including our clients who ultimately have made this all possible, a very Merry Christmas “ – Babs, Head of Marketing at Lavender Green Flowers.