20 July 2020

Meet Hunty the hoglet !

A little hedgehog was recently discovered wandering around the grounds of Huntercombe Hospital Stafford in daylight.   Named Hunty, the hoglet by the young people at the hospital, this hedgehog was too small to survive without its mother so our young people asked Oliver, our Occupational Therapy Assistant, to save him.

Following a lot of research about hedgehogs, we found Cheryl, a hedgehog carer.  Cheryl took Hunty home and nursed him to a healthy weight for release.  To the delight of our young people, Hunty returned to Huntercombe Stafford last week looking very healthy and much bigger.

Cheryl has very kindly donated a new home to the hospital for Hunty and plenty of food.  As soon as we placed Hunty on the ground, he headed off to his new home, a very happy hedgehog!

Our young people here at Stafford continue to feed and look after Hunty, having been persuaded he can’t stay on the ward no matter how cute he is.

We’re also making plans to raise funds for Cheryl to support further hedgehog rescue.