03 October 2019

Moorpark residents design wall hanging for school in Namibia

Our residents at Moorpark Place designed a wall hanging as a gift for the staff and children at a wildlife santuary/ school in Namibia.   The wall hanging was presented to the school by Catherine Edwards, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Paul Brown, Support Worker who spent time as volunteers at the African school called ‘N/a’an ku sê’.

Catherine explains: “We asked our Moorpark residents to design a wall hanging as a gift for the staff and children from the sanctuary.  This also helped our residents understand why we were away for so long (four weeks altogether!) as they could physically see where their work had been taken.

Residents worked very hard on this to create a bespoke design with African themes and the staff and children were delighted with the gift.  N/a’an ku sê receive no funding at all to run their lifeline clinic for the san bushman, their school for the san bushman children, nor the animals.  They rely on volunteers to keep their programmes going and so this was just a token of appreciation for the sanctuary.”

If you want to find out more about the foundation you can visit their website.