23 November 2020

New coffee shop for Hothfield!

Hothfield has created its own (socially distanced!) mobile coffee shop for both patients and staff. Will Keates, Activities Organiser, explains: ‘When I started working at Hothfield, we had a space in the central lobby where clients would stop and chat. I often positioned myself there in the mornings with a hot drink to encourage people to stop and join me. It soon became a ‘hub’ of activity and it occurred to me that a coffee machine, serving real barista style coffees, could become a great addition. After some research on the right type of machine and much coffee tasting(!) we purchased the equipment and started up our own mobile coffee shop.

The shop not only offers a range of coffees, but also snacks that the clients have expressed an interest in having. The initiative has proven popular with the clients who now actively socialise with one another as they enjoy their cappuccinos, complete with frothy foam. Staff have also welcomed the shop and do often stop by for their morning coffees – strictly takeaway only!

We are now in the process of creating our new ‘Activities’ room, which is currently being renovated. It is here that we intend to give a permanent home to our new coffee shop and a real barista experience for all to enjoy.’