05 August 2019

New team members at Huntercombe Hospital Stafford!

Huntercombe Stafford have welcomed some new team members:  Maddie and Bracken our PAT Therapy dogs.

Maddie is a beautiful seven year old Black Labrador, who loves fusses and can also do tricks such as sit, paw and lie down (she is still working on stay).

Bracken is a two year old cocker spaniel who also loves fusses and can also do tricks such as sit and is working on paw. Maddie visits our hospital every Wednesday and Bracken visits on Thursdays, where all three wards get to interact with Maddie or Bracken, stroke, brush them and give them treats.  We are also organising walking sessions (to walk off some of those doggy treats)


Some of our young people have said:

“The dog’s visits bring joy to everyone’s day. They really are topnotch-dogs!”

“Maddie is very therapeutic because you can sit with her and stroke her and give her lots of fuss. Rebecca (Maddie’s owner) is really kind and nice to talk to and they both make everyone’s day”

“Seeing Bracken so excited to see me really brightened my mood and I can’t wait to see him again!”