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What’s it like being a nurse at Huntercombe?

Meet Adetutu, a nurse at Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton.  She explains what it’s like being a nurse at Huntercombe.

What’s it like being a support worker at Huntercombe?

Meet Gill and Lindsey, support workers at Stocksbridge Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre.  They explain what it’s like being a support worker at Huntercombe.

Is recovery possible after a brain injury?

Mark and Julia were both patients at Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre (BIRU) in Bristol following a brain injury.  In this film they share their stories to offer hope to others that recovery from a brain injury is possible.

Former patient, Christine shares her experience of Huntercombe Maidenhead

Christine came back to share her experience of her time at Huntercombe Maidenhead to give other young people hope that life can be better.   She is now studying medicine at university.

Some our team members talk about the care at Huntercombe Maidenhead

Dr Mark Tattersall, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on our eating disorder service tells us  “The thing that stands out for me me when I meet former patients who come back is how they come back in a very different role. They come back as young professionals, as a...

What makes Frenchay BIRU a special place for rehabilitation?

What makes Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre (BIRU) a special place for rehabilitation?  Our Medical Director and Hospital Director talk about what is special about the team at BIRU.

Watch Alastair’s story about his life at Moorpark

Alastair is one of our residents at Moorpark Place where we provide residential care and support for day-to-day living for men and women on the autistic spectrum.  This is his story about why he enjoys living at Moorpark.

Is recovery post brain injury possible against all the odds?

Meet Lee.  Lee had a road traffic accident in 2011 and spent time at Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre (BIRU) for his rehabilitation.  The BIRU team and Lee and his family talk about the amazing recovery he made.  Lee is now working and getting on with his life.

Party celebrating 30 years

On 9th February 2019 our much loved housekeeper and colleague, Hyatt Thompson celebrated 30 years working at Huntercombe Hospital Maidenhead.  We marked this amazing achievement and hosted a celebratory party to show our appreciation.

Frenchay BIRU’s latest Patient Outcome Report

We are delighted to share our latest patient outcome results for Frenchay BIRU which shows that we are one of the best centres for brain injury rehabilitation in the country.   For the full report: Patient Outcomes 2018

Conifer Lodge rated “outstanding” by Care Quality Commission inspectors

Our specialist care home in Wisbech has been rated as “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission, following an inspection. Conifer Lodge was also rated as good for being safe, being caring and providing effective care and outstanding for being responsive to the needs of its residents and being...

Cedar House Festive Bake Off!

In December, Cedar held its first Christmas cake decorating competition. One of our chefs made all the wards a Christmas cake and the patients were asked to decorate them. We had some fantastic entries and the judges had a very hard time deciding the winner, but a winner...

Welcome to Maddie!

We’ve recently welcomed our new pet rabbit Maddie to the centre – she is 3 months old and her breed is a Dutch mix. As a therapeutic pet for our Residents we hope to have small sessions each day where they can hold her and pet her and...


Banking time at Eldertree Lodge

Eldertree Lodge has a patient forum called Noise, voice, choice.   Patients used this forum to request that a wider range of activities be available on-site.  Members of staff were quick to volunteer their talents and time and now, each month members of staff volunteer an hour of their...

Music at Cedar House

Cedar House now boasts its own music room in a dedicated building with a range of instruments; drums, keyboards, guitars, bongos and even DJ decks. We also have our own music lead, professional musician, Douglas Mukuze, who ensures that patients can progress and develop their musical abilities. There...

Huntercombe Stafford rated “outstanding” for being caring

Patients told the CQC inspectors that they were happy and safe; they were satisfied they were getting the right support for their problems and had seen progress in themselves. They said they would recommend other people to be treated at the hospital. Our hospital, at Ivetsey Bank, Wheaton...

Using exercise to promote health and wellbeing at Conifer Lodge

At Conifer Lodge we have been encouraging our residents to be fitter and healthier, so we’ve started doing a group evening walk after dinner.  To celebrate Mental Health Day, our group of walkers decided to walk a little further to take in some more of the countryside and...

Murdostoun Halloween party

Mersea Island Festival – enabling Cedar house patients to shine

The Cedar House team have been taking patients to the Festival for the past five years and are huge advocates of all that it does for our patients. Historically we’ve only taken a small group of around three patients but this year we were able to take six...

Reasons to stay: Huntercombe’s Nurse Leadership Programme

Healthcare organisations in the public and private sectors have responded by launching initiatives to develop their own nursing pools through alternative channels of education and training (see the ‘Grow your own nurses’ article on this site). The problem, though, goes beyond persuading nursing candidates to commit to a...

Growing your own Mental Health Nurses

Managing mental health issues and learning disabilities requires multidisciplinary input, and nurses are an invaluable part of that team. They are at the front line of delivering strategies to address challenging behaviour and help inpatients towards fulfilled, integrated lives back in the community.  Mental-health nurses also provide the...

Fishing as therapy?

The Cedar House Fishing Group has been running for over five years and, as it turns out, it’s a bit of a family affair. Paul Wilmshurst took it over from his brother who, along with their mum, all work for Huntercombe. Paul is clearly a passionate fisherman but...

Transforming Care in Practice: Eldertree Lodge

Magnifying these challenges, and the need for radically revised care strategies in the sector, were the significant reductions of in-patient capacity mandated by Building the right support, the NHS commissioning plan published in October 2015[1]. This document outlined a national service model to ensure that Transforming Care delivered...

Next stage of development for Brain in Hand at Cedar House

Brain in Hand ( is currently being used to help patients better self-manage in order to reduce anxiety and crisis incidents, especially when in the local community. Brain in Hand gives patients easy access to their own personalised diary, reminders, and coping strategies through an app on their...