Children with complex problems

We aim to develop the social and educational skills of young people in a safe, secure environment

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We offer two separate services for children and young people with complex health or behavioural problems.

At Granville Lodge in Hartlepool, we care for children and young people up to 18 years old, with complex health problems who cannot be looked after at home.

The young people here often have long-term physical and learning disabilities and require specialist care in order to maintain their health.

At Granville Lodge, we encourage the children we look after to take part in as many everyday activities as possible, including mainstream education.

At Huntercombe House Stockton, we care for young people, aged under 18, whose severe behavioural difficulties make it difficult for them to live at home or go to a mainstream school.

At Stockton we aim to develop their social and educational skills in a safe, secure environment.

This service is suitable for people with learning disabilities who require either long-term or short-term support.

We provide “short break” or “respite” care at both centres to give families and carers a rest.  This also provides the opportunity for the young person to enjoy new experiences and to meet new people.

Children with complex problems

Children with complex problems

Guidance & Advice

View our guides and factsheets on children with complex problems , and find link to other services.

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