Spreading kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted / 26 May 2020

The team and residents at Huntercombe Sherwood did an amazing job spreading kindness during Mental Health Awareness Week.  As the theme of the week was ‘kindness’, our Communications Champion, Ella made an ‘Acts of Kindness’ box for all staff and residents to use so people could share any small acts of kindness they witnessed.  Within the space of two weeks, we had received some lovely messages, including:

  • “Thanks to a member of staff for helping with the PIP application form.”
  • “Thank you to staff for helping me put my bike in the shed – due to my lock breaking.”
  • “A resident shared a takeaway with me which was kind.”
  • “I love my team”
  • “Thank you to all at Sherwood, the world’s a hard place to be at the moment and you guys make it bearable, thank you for that and continue being great.”
  • “Staff saying thanks for a nice shift to other colleagues every day is kind”
  • “Thanks for asking if I’m OK today”
  • “All the staff have smiled and asked if I’m OK, that makes me feel happy and it’s kind”
  • “Thank you to the staff who helped me with gardening”

The team and residents are doing their best to practice kindness every day.  The kindness box has really made a difference as the lovely messages are making everyone smile.