Amie Dramer, Cedar House

The support I have received in the past 5+ years working for the Huntercombe Group has truly been phenomenal

I cannot thank Cedar House enough for the continuous support, encouragement and overall positive impact that they have had on my life, through the tough times and the great times. I will be forever grateful for the endless opportunities that I have been able to involve myself in, from our hospital director allowing me to fundraise and hire an entire farm of animals for our patients at Christmas time, to going to university to do my mental health nursing degree, the possibilities are endless and the support I have received in the past 5+ years of working for the Huntercombe group has truly been phenomenal. I am forever encouraging my friends and family to come and work for the Huntercombe group, because I know they will be happy and well supported here, and so far, those who have joined us agree that it really is a great place to work and progress. This is not a job, it is a way of life, and if you genuinely care about people and love to see the difference that we can make in those vulnerable person’s lives, then there is no doubt that you will love being a part of our team.