Mike Ellis’ story about his time at Stocksbridge

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Following a fall in his home, Mike Ellis arrived at Stocksbridge Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Neurological Care Centre in a state of disordered consciousness.

He could not communicate with those around him , was dependent on his oxygen tube and needed constant supervision. Over a year later, Mike is now interacting with others, making decisions about his care and discharge. He even helped choose a name for his newborn grandchild. This would have seemed impossible when he first arrived.


Mike has been supported by his committed family and the multi-disciplinary team at Stocksbridge throughout. The team is headed up by a neuro-consultant psychologist and includes a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and recreational therapist. They ensure that Mike follows a tailored programme that manages his environment and level of stimulation. Every 12 weeks they review his progress, determine next steps and then customise his programme accordingly.

Mike’s personalised treatment, combined with his determination and the support of his family has made a huge difference. His family are delighted with his progress and importantly that they will be able to take Mike out of the unit based on the choices he makes.

Jill Salmon, Business Manager at Stocksbridge, said “Mike has come so far in his rehab and is an inspiration to us all.”

Posted: 09/12/2016 by Stocksbridge Brain Injury and Neurological Care Centre

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