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September 2016. Patients at Huntercombe’s Norwich hospital proudly unveiled their own design of Norwich’s “GoGo” dragon at the hospital on Buxton Road. The hospital has been following the “gogo” trail of animals created for the city of Norwich over the school holidays and patients have spent their free time over the summer break working on their own group design.

“GoGo” Dragons is an interactive arts sculpture project bringing 84 large dragon sculptures and 120 school dragons to the City of Norwich. Proceeds from the project fund the valuable work of Norfolk based charity Break, who support vulnerable children, young people and families across East Anglia.

The hospital’s Occupational Therapy team decided to organise a “drop-in” art group for two days each week of the six week school break to give patients the opportunity to work together as a team and to learn some new skills, for example, how different materials produce certain effects and how the construction of a grand structure can involve many techniques.

Beverly Austin-Newton, Technical Instructor at Huntercombe Hospital Norwich said: “We organised the art group because we wanted to give our young people a connection to a high profile project whilst allowing them the opportunity to experience a personal sense of achievement and most importantly to have some fun over the holidays! The dragon is constructed of non toxic or harmful materials which meant that anyone wishing to take part in its construction could do so. With only a little bit of the dragon worked on each day, we were able to watch our dragon materialise bit by bit.”

Posted: 02/02/2017 by Huntercombe Hospital Norwich

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