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Aspley Neurological Care Centre’s garden provides a place for residents to reflect, enjoy the outdoors and experience nature. For resident Hilma Crane, 61, the garden has become an essential part of her daily routine.

Before entering the centre, Hilma would tend to her own garden – growing flowers, maintaining beds and keeping any weeds at bay. Watching the plants grow and the flowers blossom provided a space for Hilma to relax in.

Due to Hilma’s condition, multiple sclerosis (MS), she has lost a lot of her mobility and cannot easily operate her wheelchair. However, staff and friends at Aspley Neurological Care Centre, have managed to find ways to make sure she still has her very own garden during her stay.

Hilma was placed in a bedroom that looks out directly onto the Aspley garden. To make sure there was always something in bloom, fake flowers were planted amongst the real ones. Hilma’s next door neighbour, Gillian (Gilly) Walters used her artistic talents and painted Hilma her very own bird house to encourage birds to visit the garden.

Hilma watches her garden daily, talking to staff and residents as they tend to the flowers. Her daughter is thrilled with the results explaining its provided a home away from home.

Posted: 09/12/2016 by Unknown

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