Giving residents POhWER at Riverside Care Centre

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There is always something to join in with at Riverside Care Centre. Through resident meetings run by POhWER, residents have the opportunity to suggest and discuss activities that they wish to get involved in.

POhWER is a charity that provides information, advocacy and advice services across England, offering direct and local support via professionals and volunteers.

Residents decide how many meetings they want and decide what will be talked about. Minutes are kept. Sometimes the meetings can be in a group or be one on one. Residents decide what they want.

This has led to planning fun trips such as going to see the Sound of Music at the theatre to visiting Harry Potter World. There has also been a newsletter which all residents can contribute to and share their stories.

Riverside Care Centre is excited to hear more about what the residents want and helping implement them where possible.

Posted: 17/12/2016 by Riverside Care Centre

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