The Movers and Groovers of Moorpark Place

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Every last Thursday of the month, the Movers and Groovers meet at Moorpark Place.

The Movers and Groovers is a committee of Moorpark Place residents, their families, staff and advocates, and is responsible for developing ideas for activities and discussing facilities that need improving. The Moovers and Groovers have been behind BBQs, gardening and music groups, film nights and, the now famous Moorpark Halloween and Christmas Celebrations.

Halloween celebrations have included a visit from the owls that starred in the Harry Potter films as well as the usual fancy dress and a great buffet.

Christmas is equal fun at Moorpark; last year Father Christmas came to the centre on a food trolley, with his very own ‘SANTA’ registration plates and games included pass the parcel, pin the nose on Rudolph, musical statues, and karaoke.


With the Movers and Groovers still coming up with great ideas all the time, Moorpark Place will continue to bring people together in activities led by and for residents. All residents are encouraged to join in.

Posted: 08/12/2016 by Huntercombe Moorpark Place

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