Valerie Michie

Chief Executive Officer

The work that we do as a Group and the contribution of our teams in our services is amazing. The compassion and dedication shown by each member of our staff for every one of our patients and residents is critical to our being able to deliver our goal of “nurturing the world one person at a time”.

We started with a single 20 bed brain injury centre outside Glasgow in 1990 and now we manage a further 23 services across England and Scotland.

Over the years we have made huge steps in providing better care through changes in ways of working. We have invested in our people and our environments, improving patient outcomes, shortening length of stay and improving employee engagement. At the same time, we have improved clinical governance, and continually sought to enhance processes for safeguarding our patients and residents.

We have focused in specialist areas so that we can offer an unrivalled depth of clinical expertise across the group. Our ambition for the next few years is to deliver a change which is even more profound: to offer more choice, and more personalised care where there is real empowerment of people to improve their health.

We know we are at our best when our services are patient-led, where the service works with patients to support them with their health needs.

I could not be more proud of everything we have achieved together and look forward to continuing to improve in the years to come.