Reviews for Progress you achieve is nothing short of spectacular

Progress you achieve is nothing short of spectacular

Student placement

I just wanted to thank you all again.  It was amazing to learn off all of you and still to this day I impressed by the job you all do.  To see the progress you achieve is nothing short of spectacular.

It always boosted my confidence

Former patient

Dear June, thank you for being such a fantastic receptionist, always smiling and cheering me up whenever I walked past your desk.  It always boosted my confidence whenever you said how much you loved my singing.

She exceeded all expectations


Thank you so much for the amazing care that my mum received, and than you to the whole team as well.  She made such incredible progress at BIRU and exceeded all expectations and it’s so good to see her back home at last. Thank you.

I couldn’t have done it without you

Former patient

To Lorna, thank you so much for teaching me in preparation for my GCSEs.  I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for always being so positive and enthusiastic – it really helped my confidence.

You all do an amazing job


Thank you for helping my sister and helping her through recovery, you all do an amazing job

Thank you for helping me

Former patient

To Moira, thank you for helping me over the past year. I will really miss you telling me the mango story and making me laugh as much as you do.  I loved doing cross stitch with you are you are an absolute pro at it.

I will always be thankful

Former patient on Severn

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone, especially those who have known me from the start. I wouldn’t of come this far without everyone’s help and support. I never thought I was ever going to get this far in my recovery, but I did and am moving on with my life… Before I came to Severn I was lost and stuck. I believe that I’ve now found strength and am starting to enjoy my life again.  I have matured and become stronger and that is thanks to all the work you have done with me.  None of you gave up on me, even when I had on myself and because of that I’m able to love life again. It sounds cliche but you have been like a family, when my family situation wasn’t the best. I will always be thankful.

We will miss you


You’ve been amazing. We are very grateful for all your care and expertise. We will miss you.

Thanks for everything


To each and every one of you that has contributed to my progress to this day when I’m going home. Thanks for everything.