21 April 2021

The creation of ‘Kyleville’ – a miniature town with working model railway at Moorpark Place

We spoke to Kyle, a resident at Moorpark Place, about the fantastic work he’s been doing with his team to create ‘Kyleville’, a miniature town with working model railway. Kyle has always had a love of trains, buses and cars and worked with his team for months to create his fantastic miniature landscape. Kyle tells us in his own words about the project.

‘My name is Kyle and I am 26 years old on 19th may this year.  I moved to Moorpark on 4th March 2019. This is my forever home and I love it.

My interests are trains, buses and cars, I love trains very much and love to check the fleet number and amount of carriages on the train.

I love going to watch trains at the train station in Glengarnock, near Moorpark and I have always dreamed of having my own train station.

When I moved to Moorpark, my staff and I came up with a plan to build a train room in my spare bedroom in my home.  This is where Kyleville all began!

I spoke with the deputy manager and he knew a joiner who could help build my platform for my train station. Jeff came and measured my room and then about 2 weeks later Jeff built the train platform in one day. I was super excited, I just wanted to start my design.

Catherine Edwards (assistant occupational therapist) along with myself and my staff met up every Monday at 09.00hrs and worked out a plan.

We started with the design and made the road. I helped paint the road, pavements and then made some bus stops from empty milk cartons. This carried on for a number of weeks and also included building roundabouts, lines on road, car parks, a taxi rank, bus depot, shops, countryside, grass, houses and a church (I love going to church every Sunday). This all took a long time to come together and was completed in roughly 4 to 5 months.

In between, I sorted out my trains as I like to be organised and keep them all in good condition. I have a lot of trains which range from £20-£40 for a carriage, while steam engines range from £50-£100 each.

I would spend all my money on trains, but I stick to my plan and buy them on birthdays and Christmas, as I need to help pay my bills and buy other stuff I need, my staff keep me on track.

I like to spend time in my train room, shouting ‘all aboard’, wearing my train hat and whistle and making special announcements when trains are arriving and leaving Kyleville station.

I hope you all enjoy my special story of my special train station Kyleville.’